Children start in this group, and move through the SSP Orange and Green Code Levels

This is where we focus on phonemic awareness; the ability to isolate speech sound, segment (order) and blend them. Phonemic awareness is not natural and needs to be explicitly taught for a lot of children - regardless of how clever, articulate, and how often you read to them. If a child cannot do this at first they are our 'red alerts' as we know that they need an early 'prevention' approach. Within SSP classrooms we track this carefully in the first few weeks of Prep/ Kindergarten. Please see videos here - these are basic training videos, full training is available to subscribers. The activities undertaken as Reading Bears in Miss Emma's Steps to Reading Pre-School Playgroups (Step 1 - SSP Phase 1) overcome the issues that will prevent these children from learning to read and spell with confidence (and be 'Orthographic Mappers ie read words without conscious thought) We have a facebook page offering support for the SSP Community.

The following are the Freebie resources shared, to get you started. They are available to SSP subscribers, and more.
Speech Sound Pics (SSP) parents and teachers also have the Handbook shown in videos. Pages are laminated for photocopying, and so they do not get damaged by little fingers.   

Within this Step children learn to:

*Form lower case letters of the alphabet, with a focus on s a t p i n
*Form numbers 1- 10
*Learn the first six Speech Sound Monsters (although they will learn all 46 quickly using the 2 Minute Monster video) 
*Use Duck Hands, Lines and Numbers to isolate, segment and blend phonemes (speech sounds)
*'Follow the Monster Sounds, to say the word' (blending phonemes)
*Use Duck Hands, Lines and Numbers to isolate, segment and blend Sound Pics (graphemes s a t p i n) when ready.
*'Follow the Sound Pics, to s
ay the word' (blending graphemes)
*Explore Duck Level 1 words - segmenting and blending the first few high frequency words
They put all this together to read and write SSP Green Code Level words and sentences
(They can read the SSP Green Code Level Rap and Readers)

When they move to the Reading Dragons group they are ready to do the above skills with Purple Code Level Sound Pics, and move through the Duck Levels at their pace. They will use the Coding Poster and videos. 


20 copies of these resources available as instant digital downloads. Members can access all

Orange Level Freebie Phonics Resource 1

Monster Strip and Visual Prompts

Green Code Level Freebie Phonics Resources 1

Green Code Level Freebie Phonics Resources 2

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Video shows an SSP student using Miss Emma's techniques. 'Duck Hands' to segment and blend.Scaffolding the process that leads to Orthographics Mapping : phoneme to grapheme mapping - to 1:1 whole word reading - to reading 'without robots voices - speaking voices. 

Green Code Level Freebie Phonics Resources 3

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Green Code Level Freebie Phonics Resources 4

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This Freebie Phonics 4 resource is also found in the Monster Mapping Kit Handbook
(in the Steps to Reading kit that playgroup parents buy)

Green Code Level Freebie Phonics Resources 4

This is the Green Code Level Rap. Please build up to this using the Phase 1 Rap videos in the 
member's area (and SSP Monster Mapping app)
Shown below. 


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