Wiring Brains for Spelling! Spot the Sound Pics®.
Mapping Speech Sounds to the Pictures of the Speech Sounds.


Use these instead of Spelling Lists (Grades 2 - 7) to catch up on the work SSP students receive in Kindergarten and Grade 1. This is work our Reading Lions do!



This is an EY version! Reading Lions. Steps to Reading and Spelling in Pre-School

We also use these during Teacher Training. 


Workshops with Miss Emma


Can you see how powerful this activity is, for parent and teacher training as well as to help students 'Code Map'?
Even when folks can HEAR the focus speech sounds they may not MAP them with the graphemes (Sound Pics) correctly. I talk about this stunting their growth with regards to ‘orthographic mapping’ skills (figuring out words without conscious thought)


Did you find all 31, and map them correctly in the Quick Quiz?
You could also check the spelling choices using the SSP Speech Sound Clouds. Students have access to all of these through videos and resources - including their Sound Wall. They see the 350+ spelling choices around them all day, every day. 


For example, YES the /ti/ is a spelling choice for the / ʃ / phoneme, but not in the word ‘ratio’ - the letter t is the spelling choice. Just as the letter t represents / ʧ / on its own in the word ‘picture’

And yes, this is the work I do with my Reading Lions in PRE-SCHOOL!!

When YOU know more, you can DO BETTER as a guide (ConDUCKtor).
Steps to Reading and Spelling!


Miss Emma X



If you want a child who can read to become a better speller, this is one of the best SSP techniques. 

Speedy Solo, Paired and Group Code Mapping info in ‘training’ section of the member’s area.

Thank you for your support! 
SSP Spelling Piano app for ipads.

Spelling Mat - Digitial Version - All Spelling Choices for the English Speech Sounds

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